• This book is about connecting with the audience.
  • Key ingredients (per Duarte):
    1. Structure your presentation like a story (stories are compelling at a primal level — we are wired to take journeys)
    2. Connect by appealing to emotion (and do this well by being vulnerable and knowing your audience)
    3. Convince by appealing to intellect (do this well by knowing your subject matter well)
  • The journey through this book consists of:
    1. This is about getting your good idea life.
    2. We can learn how to structure the way we present ideas by examining tried and true methods: myths and stories
    3. In your story, the audience is the hero. If you're going to mentor him or her effectively, you must understand them and yourself and find common ground
    4. Leading your heros through the journey takes preparation. You must map the path before you walk it. You need to have been there before them and are now guiding them.
    5. Along the way, you need to bring each scene to life by pulsing back and forth between appealing to the head and appealing to the heart.
    6. The order of the scenes is critical as well. It must flow in such a way as to not just interest but compel your audience.
    7. Give 'em Something They will Always Remember (S.T.A.R. moments)
    8. You need to work to get yourself out of the way and let the idea shine through
    9. Ideas spark change in the world.


Reading Notes

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