…as in Getting Things Done…

For me, personally, this is about personal productivity, not necessarily a specific process or technique.

Personal Assessment

  • I interact well with people. I value relationships
  • I lack focus.
    • (what do I mean?)…
  • I'm uncertain
    • I'm not sure I'm doing what I am passionate about.
    • I'm not sure I'm doing what I'm really good at.
    • I'm not sure what my life is all about.

Positive/Motivating Ideas

  • Assume that everything that has happened in your life is a piece of the puzzle. Integrate it.
  • Don't mistake failure due to quitting as inability; see it as that you haven't lived from a passionate place. (In other words, "I am plenty capable. I have lacked the proper motivation.")
  • Just do it. :)


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