Chaordic Age

Reading notes from the Prologue

  • Six core lenses:
    1. Purpose
    2. Principles
    3. People / Organizations
    4. Concept
    5. Structure
    6. Practice
  • Purpose:
    • Form the question: "If anything is imaginable is possible, if there are no constraints whatever, what would be the nature of an ideal organization to …?"
    • Plattitive, at first, usually; must get to a common understanding of what "Purpose" is.
    • Get to "If we could achieve that, my life would have meaning."
  • Principle:
    • These describe behaviors, they do not prescribe them.
    • There are generally two kinds: Principles of Structure and Principles of Behavior.
  • People / Organizations
  • Concept
    • A vision of how the people will come together to realize the principles and achieve the purpose
    • "Pictorial representation of eligibility, rights, and obligations of all prospective participants in the community."


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